Terminus Sistema Global and the State Board of Real Estate for Baja California (CEPIBC) announce their partnership for the deployment of the MLS for their members


Terminus Sistema Global and CEPIBC (State Board of Real Estate for Baja California) announce their partnership for the deployment of the first ever real MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to all of their 340 members.

Terminus Sistema Global owner, Ross E. Buck, announces the partnership with the state board of Real Estate in Baja California (CEPIBC) thanks to Gabriela Cerezo, the State Board President. It shows that the state board of real estate in Baja California, with a strong woman as its president, is a true leader in the real estate industry. By partnering with Terminus Sistema Global, the state board will now be able to introduce the long overdue concept of an MLS to their 10 regional associations which include AMPI Mexicali, API Mexicali, AMPI Tijuana, API Tijuana, ASAI Tijuana, AMPI Rosarito, API Rosarito, AMPI Ensenada, API Ensenada and AMPI San Felipe.

The partnership is designed to provide the associations and their members with the real MLS technology and tools utilized by real estate professionals in Canada, the United States and now available across Mexico in Terminus MLS. Terminus MLS is CoreLogic Matrix™ used by more than 750,000 real estate professionals and is the first real MLS available across all of Mexico.

Terminus recommends that consumers buying and selling real estate in Baja California to use association members of the CEPIBC, whose agents are licensed and registered with the recorder’s office in accordance with the state laws. As the laws across Mexico continue to elevate the real estate profession to a licensed status, Terminus Sistema Global is focused on providing the professional tools to the industry and guarding the MLS data for the benefit of its users.

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