Is it safe to invest in the mexican real estate sector?


The real estate crowdfunding that is in full growth, thanks to its solid and safe method seems to be a viable option to invest your money, but is it the best?

Inverspot, the platform specializing in real estate, explains whether investing in the real estate business through crowdfunding platforms is safe.

David Agmon, Founder and CEO of Inverspot, says:

With the arrival of the Internet in the 21st Century, the doors opened to an innovative method for all those interested in investing online: crowdfunding. Mexico is an economy that diversifies more and more; web platforms already play a leading role in this process, which will increase exponentially as more Mexicans have access to the Internet, because it democratizes easy and safe access “.

But what is crowdfunding? It is a method of raising capital through collective effort because it seeks to exploit the economic strength of a large group of investors through online platforms to meet some specific need or increase returns.

In Mexico, four types of crowdfunding are handled:

Investment (Equity): It consists of investing capital in a project in exchange for participations. Inverspot is a real estate crowdfunding company whose value proposition is the highest in the sector by granting average annual returns of 18%.

Of loans: This method of crowdfunding consists of providing money in exchange for interest after an estimated period of time.

Reward : This consists of making a contribution in exchange for a product or service of interest.

Donation: This is aimed at projects of solidarity and generally, participation is directed to a social cause.

For example, the Inverspot model is Equity, crowdfunding of the real estate sector, that is, it acquires capital raised by several investors to finance housing construction projects. The user, instead of having to have capital for a whole department, can invest smaller amounts, from $ 50 thousand pesos, and receive a yield of 18% to 20% per year on his initial investment.

The benefits of this way of investing in the real estate business derive from raising capital in this way, since it decreases the risk of the project failing, and ensures the return on investment. Although there is a possibility that the development is delayed and then we have to deliver the returns later, explains Agmon.

The Equity crowdfunding:

It’s smart money. It raises many angel investors through the Internet, at the same time that it makes the online project known, increasing its expectations of success.

There are larger sums of funds to be collected. Although these are small sums, the number of investors is potentially much greater than in the case of more traditional investment vehicles such as the Stock Exchange.

Reduces risks by facilitating diversification. Due to the low cost of each investment, investors can disperse their investments in a larger number of businesses, and even support projects that excite them and want to see them succeed.

The low cost of the investment reduces barriers to entry for individual investors.

Crowdfunding acquires more and more relevance as a means to invest in a multitude of projects. And what is more useful than housing?

It is no secret that the construction sector is experiencing one of its best moments. The value of real estate grows exponentially, especially in large cities. Real estate grew 100% in the last 5 years, according to Inegi data.

For example, in the Polanco neighborhood the meter cost $ 3,000, today it is worth 6,000. In addition, there is a demand for 40,000 homes in Mexico City against the offer of only 20,000. That is why investment and real estate crowdfunding can be a great attraction for many pockets, says Agmon.

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