Are you a father or a mother? AMLO wants to give you a scholarship of $ 1,600 pesos


From the beginning of his term, President  Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the creation of a scholarship program called “Benito Juárez,” which seeks to benefit more than 6.7 million children and young people in Mexico.

This program was originally announced as exclusive for upper-middle school students, that is, high school or high school.

However, now it is possible to apply to the program being the father of a child from the first months of age: you can be a beneficiary of a grant of 1,600 pesos from newborn to  15 years of age.

The program to receive money as parents is called ‘ Scholarships for the Welfare of Families ‘ and aims to promote the education of children in the public school system. Do not be confused: this initiative is also part of the broader program ‘ Benito Juárez ‘.

Within the mentioned age range, the families of the young people will be able to receive a scholarship of 1,600 pesos every two months if their son is a student from initial and basic education.

To make it clearer, students can receive 1,600 pesos per month if they are part of the following school levels:

  • Kindergarten or  Kindergarten .
  • Primary
  • High school

The program, known among the population as ‘ AMLO Scholarships ‘, is aimed at  public school students .

The  registration process   requires to be part of a  census  and a series of steps must be followed: In the first, representatives of  the federal government  will go to the  homes to verify the data and the identity of the student.

In  case the young person is not in his  registered home during the visit, he should go immediately to his school and request to register for  Scholarships for the Welfare of the Families .

Those who were already registered and registered during  January , will receive the first payment  at the end of February  through a card, which is delivered personally.

It should be clarified that, if you are already a beneficiary of the Prospera program  , monetary support will be received in the same account.

To learn more about the registration and start following the steps, go to this link. 

Source: Televisa News

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