They capture a US citizen a member of “Los Zetas” in Cancun, Quintana Roo


Elements attached to the GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF PERSONNEL AND BORDERS OF THE REGIONAL SECURITY DIVISION, today they would carry out the assurance of the US citizen named OMAR ANTONIO OLIVAREZ PÉREZ, subject that is considered part of the organization of the known criminal group “Los Zetas” in Cancún, Quintana Roo, doing money laundering activities.

He is wanted by North American Federal Authorities in Texas for the crimes of DRUG TRAFFICKING, MONEY LAUNDERING, and FEDERAL PRISON ESCAPE.

Derived from the strategic products of police intelligence applied to the investigation of the office and the field carried out by the investigation elements, it was proceeded to consult in the criminal information bases with which the Federal Police [Plataforma México] has the name of the objective, throwing that the person of interest has positive records in said system.

consequently, the members of the National Institute of Migration were interviewed directly with the person of interest, stating that they had American citizenship; subject who wears a black shirt, bermuda shorts, black sandals and when requesting proof of his legal stay in our country, he does not offer any document, so we are asked for the support to give him security in the transfer and security of the person named OMAR ANTONIO OLIVAREZ PÉREZ to the facilities of the National Institute of Migration in said city.

In response to the request described in the previous paragraph, the State Coordination of the Federal Police in Cancún Quintana Roo was immediately requested, support from the CRP unit to carry out the transfer immediately to the offices of the National Migration Institute, in compliance with the support and safeguarding at all times the security of the transfer, and the protection of the physical integrity of OMAR ANTONIO OLIVAREZ PÉREZ; and so proceed to be handed over to the INMI and Marshall USA Authorities.

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