Durango: Merchants report shady dealings in “El Saltito”


El SALTITO, Nombre de dios, Dgo. – Informal traders in the tourist area of ​​El Saltito, dissatisfied with the fees that are collected and meetings without informing the merchants.

Merchants point out that the land is ejidal and that it is a pity that the matter is politicized, since the one that collects the tickets is thanks to the councilor of the current Municipal Administration, they assure that this collection is made from the month of October of last year. .

The merchant Rafael Barbosa Magaña assured that they do not give an account of the money collected and that it had been agreed, that what was collected was for improvements, which to date remains unknown since the whole area has not had improvements.

He also indicated that the receipts of the tickets do not have the seal of the ejido where it is located, which is the El Malpaís ejido, creating speculations within the merchants, since they call meetings without taking the merchants into account and we do not know where that money is going.

Source: El Sol de Durango

The Mazatlan Post