Motoclub Mazatlan AC, official organizer of the legendary Moto Week, warns of problems with the old board of directors


Motoclub Mazatlán demarcates from the deals and negotiations that another organization intends to carry out with sponsors for the week of the motorcycle

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  The management and board of Motoclub Mazatlán AC warns the public, sponsors and authorities to take precautions on the management of an organization coordinated by members of the former board of directors under the name of ‘Legendaria Semana de the Moto ‘, homonymous to the event.

For this reason they make public knowledge that “they do not authorize any treatment or commitment carried out by said organization, or its personnel”, as indicated in an official statement through its Facebook account.

Likewise, in an interview for Qué Pasa in Mazatlan, it was assured that there is already a legal process against the former president of Motoclub Mazatlán AC, since it is presumed to be the person who currently runs the organization ‘Legendaria Moto Week’, however, no longer has any relationship with the motoclub.

“This person (former president of MotoClub Mazatlan AC), is no longer using the Motoclub name, and he uses Legendary Moto Week; It has already received more than two million advances (in advertising agreements), “said a member of the official council.

Motoclub Mazatlan currently, and for 23 consecutive years, is the official organizer of the event named Legendaria Moto Week , which takes place in the port the last days of April and brings together more than 20,000 motorcyclists from around the world , being a culminating event of its kind.

That is why the management of Motoclub Mazatlán AC, led by José Arturo Andrade Osuna, is based on the treatment, agreements and negotiations of third parties with sponsors and other persons involved who may be affected.


The Mazatlan Post