Sinaloas Road to Industrialization


If we want to grow Sinaloa’s economy further, we have to leave the primary sector and, fortunately, the arrival of natural gas in the state will detonate many industries in the secondary sector, said the economy secretary of the state, Javier Lizárraga Mercado, who warns that great future for the south of the entity with the establishment of companies of aeronautics, automotive and electronic.

He spoke of the reality of a railroad that not only reaches Durango, but also Matamoros, Tamaulipas, which pushes for the further development and growth of the “economic corridor” states. He commented that Mazatlan has much greater tourism, in addition to more cruises arrive and in the docks also it is noticed a greater load.

The Minister of Economy brought the representation of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to the protest taking of the new board of directors of Canacintra 2019-2020, chaired by Emilio Hernández Kelly, who is going for a second term.

In the presidium were, besides Lizárraga and Hernández Kelly, the regional vice-president in the Pacific-Center of Canacintra, José Luis Vega; the president of Codesin south zone, Alfredo Ruelas; Pearl Rice, of Special Projects of the municipality of Mazatlan, among other characters.

José Luis Vega spoke with the representation of the national president of this chamber, Enrique Guillén, and he took the protest to the new board of directors of Canacintra.

Hernandez Kelly presented his work plan and commented on the progress made in the last year. He commented on the need to improve relations with the government and asked the companies and leaders of other agencies to insist on areas of Mazatlan’s economy, such as the modernization of the docks, among other things.

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