New Theater and Cinema complex proposed for Mazatlan Historic Center


A space where you can contemplate national movies, to later be discussed with food and drinks, is the formula that could be successful to have in Mazatlan.

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Like the Tonalá cinema, located in Mexico City, Julio Recinos Tirado, coordinator of Cinema of the Institute of Culture described that the port could count on this concept to rescue the Historical Center.

“Currently there are new forms of cinema and one of the examples is the company of young people who decided that the combination of a bar, gallery and cinema could be successful,” he explained.

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Recrea and La Azotea, are the small rooms that are used, however, there are the buildings of the old rooms that could work with private investment.

Mazatlan was the fifth city in which the Lumiere brothers sent, who came to project images of Porfirio Diaz that had been filmed.

“The interesting thing would be that in Culiacan you could have a movie theater, but I would give an artistic value to Mazatlan because it’s appropriate”,

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Meanwhile, it will be the Cinema in the Streets program, which will seek to bring the population closer to the films and animations in approximately 3 months.

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