The discharge of water, the felling of trees and noise are the main causes for fines in Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The discharge of water, the felling of trees and noise are the main causes for which the Municipal Ecology Directorate has applied fines.

The director Loúrdes San Juan Gallardo stressed that so far in the administration have shifted to Municipal Treasury more than 300 thousand pesos in fines. There have also been many complaints about vacant lots that are saturated with all types of waste, but these are charged in the property tax.

In relation to rubbish dumps on public roads, bodies of water and littering, it is very difficult to apply sanctions, being caught in the act is required, as established in the regulations.

Every day they send videos and photos of people throwing garbage and rubbish, but as long as the regulation is not modified, you can not act.

High sanctions

The director reiterated that it is difficult to change the habits of citizens. There are no trucks and personnel that reach to keep the municipality clean.

He put an example in the case of garbage collection, which insists that the population does not take out the garbage on the day it does not touch, but they still deposit it on the street and leave the responsibility to the authority.

Apart from the need of being caught red handed, the amounts of fines to be applied are minimal. For this reason, he urged the need to amend the regulation and impose higher fines, to see if affecting the pocket change habits. 

He explained that there are families living in the trash. He shared that they end up going to the San Marcos neighborhood at the request of some neighbors. They carried personnel of Aseo, Ecology, Parks and Gardens.

Also, the Youth Institute moved young people to clean up the settlement. 
But they are asked to keep their space clean and help the entire colony to be free of contaminating waste.

Ecology Department

To Report a Complaint For Noise, water,trash or felling of trees. 

  • Dial 072, otherwise we can not proceed, please share the information.

Source: El Debate

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