The estuary loses ground before the passivity of Semarnat


The situation generates anger and frustration in the neighbors due to the little action of the authorities.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Day by day, the El Infiernillo estuary loses more land due to the fact that it is not possible to stop the act of throwing rubbish and garbageon the shores of the marsh. 

María de Loúrdes San Juan, Director of Ecology and Environment, explained that it is not the responsibility of the City to monitor these areas, but of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat). 

He added that in the absence of an agreement or agreement to combat this problem, the municipal government can not monitor to stop the filling of the body of water. He commented that on February 2 a sanitation campaign will be implemented in the estuary for the World Wetlands Day. 

This campaign will be supported by Aseo Urbano with the participation of inspectors, environmental educators and legal team of Ecology. He said that one of the main problems are the invasions that have settled along the estuary, on Circunvalación street.    

Anger and frustration

Neighbors of the 13 de Mayo street, almost at the height of Circunvalación, a few meters from El Infiernillo stream, pointed out that the problem has been going on for years. This situation generates anger and frustration among the settlers, commented Eduardo Villelas.

He said that people have come to litter in front of municipal police without any consequences. The act of throwing waste in the estuary causes in times of rain floods since the water runs on the street May 13 and can not find its natural outlet due to the rubble and trash they use for the filling. 

He said that the water level rises so much that they have lost furniture. He explained that almost every night, people go to throw garbage, which causes a bad smell and an unpleasant image.

Source: El Debate

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