New year starts with increase in Mazatlan port activity


They expect to unload 120 thousand vehicles from three different companies during 2019.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mazatlan is the second port with the highest volume of operation in the country, a fact that is confirmed with the first arrival that breaks the record of vehicle transportation at the beginning of the year.

Yesterday the ship Dyonisos Leader arrived from the Japanese port, with more than four thousand cars. 

After between 2011 and 2014 an epoch in which the activity ceased, it was in 2015, with an effort from the three levels of government, that a pilot test was implemented to resume the vehicular mobilization.

There was also a market problem at the beginning of last year, but the reality is that the issue has been overcome and this year we expect to operate at least 120 thousand vehicles, among the three customers we are going to have now, which are Nissan, Ford, and Mitsubishi. 

Jorge Martínez Juárez, general director of the Maritime Terminal of Mazatlán.


Given the volume projections that they expect to receive from the automakers, he said that they are working on a new project that will take up an area that allows them to have more maneuvers.

The volume of the cargo of Mazatlan has generated an increase to 30% of the workforce of casual workers.


Mazatlan mobilizes 70% less merchandise than Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, but specializes in the automotive movement, which is why it receives the greatest number of vehicles.

“We are already managing with API the expansion of the area to take our 20% to which we have the right to contract and which consists of the yard that is after the deposits of Pemex and a part of the ferry yard,” he revealed.


In addition, they are looking for a fourth automotive customer, which also requires high efficiency in the operation and that is transferred as quickly as possible, as demanded by customers.

At present, the task is to train and develop the personnel, which additionally seeks to stop in other activities that involve them in the movement of containers.

During 2018, 30 thousand containers were mobilized in small vessels that bring the route to Manzanillo, Colima.

Source: El Sol De Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post