Retire to another country without worrying about money


There is no doubt that the United States is the greatest country on Earth. Everybody around the world wants to come here and experience their own version of the American dream. We Americans have no idea how well we have it when it comes to fundamental rights and the opportunity to thrive economically.

Still, not everything in this world can be pitch perfect. Parts of the United States have been struck by gentrification making the rents and the property values of certain areas to rise and local businesses to close or move.

Living in the United States has become increasingly more expensive each year, and I expect this to continue happening in major cities. Because of this increasing costs, many Americans are choosing to retire at an older age.

Cost of living in the United States has become higher making adults think twice about moving away from their parents home making retirees spend their remaining years taking care of their children. While this is certainly a problem that needs to be dealt with, there is another way in which American retirees can enjoy their retirement.

It is true that housing costs and the cost of living have gone through the proverbial roof in some parts of America, but the dollar has been on a strong path going up in value in most countries around the world.

For this reason, American retirees are making the choice to retire overseas. The dollar is so strong in some countries that retirees can live in a foreign nation with what they have saved in their 401K or with what the government sends them. Here are some countries where if you choose to retire you will never have to worry about money anymore.


The best option, in my opinion, for American retirees is our southern neighbor. Mexico recently had a new president making the dollar go up in value significantly. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are already calling Mexico their home creating large communities in the states of Jalisco and Baja California.

Large parts of Mexico are fluent in English so you won’t have to worry about that. While it was true that at one point Mexico had a massive insecurity problem, things have changed. Mexico has become safer than ever with the new government and things are looking good.

The best part of retiring in Mexico is that you don’t have to spend much to live a comfortable lifestyle. You can have a house, car, gardener, cleaning lady, groceries, medical care, for less than 900 dollars a month. A major plus is Mexico’s proximity that Mexico has with the United States.