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Mazatlan is rich in flora and fauna

It is intended that the port be uploaded to the Nature map, like other cities in the world.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In the face of the disorderly development that is destroying the flora and fauna, environmentalists, researchers from groups and institutions summon the citizens to join the challenge of photographing all the species and plants to upload them to the platform to preserve and preserve them..

City of nature

It is intended that Mazatlán be on the map of nature, as are other cities in Mexico and the world. This to know the flora and fauna that you have, the names and which species are in danger of extinction, highlighted Francisco Farriols, Paco’s Flora and Fauna Reserve.

While Diego Valdés stressed that in Mexico there are thousand 300 species and Mazatlan more than 200, which means that it has more than 20 percent.

Today, the municipality, through the Secretariat of Economic Development and Tourism, in conjunction with Paco’s Flora and Fauna Reserve, the Normal Experimental School of El Fuerte, the Faculty of Marine Sciences, Onca Explorations and the Center for Food Research and Desarrollo, AC, invite the public to participate in the photographic simulation prior to the City Nature Challenge 2019.

Jazmín Miñón, of the Municipal Economic Promotion, and Verónica Rico, director of the Faro Mazatlan Natural Park, said that this challenge begins at the Lighthouse at 08:00 hours.


This free bio blitz will be a kind of friendly competition to prepare for the great event organized in this city by the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM). The photos that are taken will be uploaded to the page www.naturalista.mx. 

Source: El Debate

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