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Mazatlán will have biodiversity for the City Nature Challenge 2019

This will be from April 26 to 29 where the entire municipality will compete with at least 160 cities worldwide, said Diego Barrales Alcalá

Mazatlan, Sin.- From 26 to 29 will take place the “City Nature Challenge 2019” in Mazatlan which will compete with more than 160 cities worldwide, a challenge of nature that consists of taking pictures of flora and fauna and some other organisms , Diego Barrales Alcalá said.

The leader of Paco’s Reserve of Flora and Fauna said that in this edition they estimate to have around 30 thousand observations and more than a thousand species during the 4 days, this in order to be able to present the tourist destination on the map as a safe place and diverse in terms of the species and plants that are counted.

“We will participate and we will be competing with more than 160 cities internationally, this means that for four days we will be taking photographs of what is the flora and fauna, any other animal in the municipality, once taking these photographs We are going to share them in the naturalist platform to be able to do the diversity counts “, he said.

Barrales Alcalá said that during this challenge the citizen can be encouraged to know the biodiversity of the environment such as birds, plants, trees, insects, in such a way to publish the photographs on the platform www.naturalista.mx worldwide.

An invitation was also made to people who wish to participate in this dynamic and receive more information to send an email to paco’ s.reserva.natural@gmail.com , since it is important that participants are active users in the platform.

Project Requirements

Observations in this project must meet the following criteria :

TaxaAll taxa
LocationMazatlan, MX, SI
Quality Gradeany
Media Typeany
DateApril 26 5:00 am UTC to April 30 4:59 am UTC

City Nature Challenge 2019: Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Mexico

We want to put Mazatlan on the map of the world’s biodiversity. Help us achieve it! From April 26 to 29, we will go out to the streets and areas of the municipality to take as many photos of wild flora and fauna as possible. For more information enter here

An important part of this challenge will be the participation of specialized sectors in the taxonomy of the different registered groups, so we invite everyone to support us in the identification of the photographs, in order to have a greater count of species . 

We will be doing activities related to this great event, for more information about your area or if you want us to organize some you can write us here
Mazatlan is a large municipality so we need everyone and every day they are more interested, the locations involved will be: 
Mazatlan, Villa Union, Fraccionamiento Los Angeles (Santa Fe), El Walamo, El Roble, El Castillo, Barrón, El Quelite, El Cereso, La Noria de San Antonio (La Noria), El Habal, Escamillas, Siqueros. 

————————————————– —————— 

Which city in the world has the greatest biodiversity and the most committed residents? The City Nature Challenge2018 (from April 26 to 29) will help us discover it! More than 130 cities on six continents are organizing with their residents and visitors to explore the surrounding nature and document the species they encounter; see the complete list of cities here . The results will be announced on Monday, May 6, so be sure to upload all your observations before that date. 

During the 2018 CNC, more than 431,000 observations were recorded in 4 days and more than 17,000 citizen scientists participated! Mexico participated with 179 observers and a total of 9.218 observations. Do you think Mazatlan can do it better? We are sure that yes . 

The first City Nature Challengecarried out in 2016 was a success in bringing 16 cities in the United States of America to participate, thanks to which, the founders and global organizers, the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC), decided to take it on a global scale. 

We need you , participate, let’s make this a celebration for biodiversity.

Source: city nature challenge, linea directa

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