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Mazatlan will resume bicycle route project says Mayor

It is intended that the circuit encompasses, in its polygon, popular colonies where it benefits the people who have least.

Mazatlan.- In favor of the bike lanes, but in vulnerable zones where the ones that have less are benefited, the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres was pronounced.

The first mayor revealed in an interview with the media, that the bicycle lanes project will be resumed, to boost mobility in the urban area.

The objective is to benefit the inhabitants of popular neighborhoods so that people can move by bicycle, either their own or rented, to their work or to different parts of the city, spending less compared to the cost of urban transport.

“In favor of the bike lanes, but, he pointed out, bike lanes where the people who have least, the most vulnerable are, how can that be anything else on Avenida del Mar? In fact, a project came from the State Government that wants to put bicycles (rented) is fine, but at least, let the Mazatlecos benefit from being able to use them in the popular colonies, “he said.

He said that the municipal government will take up the idea in another point of the city, to create a well-defined circuit.

” We are going to enter him for another, to see if we can make a circuit, GutiérrezNájera , Gabriel Leyva , enter the Juan Pablo and finish one we have planned on Rafael Buelna Avenue , make a circuit so that any citizen if not he wants to spend in a truck, because he goes on his bicycle or pays five pesos, he’s going to be cheaper than the truck and he’s going to exercise, “he concluded.

Optimize the collection of taxes to level the lack of inflationary adjustment, proposes to the Mayor

Given the refusal of the State Congress to make the inflationary adjustment in the collection of the property tax, the municipality will be more efficient in the collection, to reach the income required by the Commune, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Municipal President Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. 


If necessary, and if the legal framework allows it, it could lead to foreclosures, in cases of extreme backlog and when taxpayers do not comply with their tax liability to the municipality.

” I realize that most people are required by the City Council and do not pay attention to requirements, traffic fines or advertisements, but now we are going to be very efficient in charging (…) because it is not possible that the city and all citizens are suffering for one another, we have found that there is no culture of order in Mazatlan, “he said.

Source: El Debate

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