Mazatlan increases the schedule arrival of cruise ships for 2019


The Director of Special Projects Unit of the Sectur said that next year 130 cruises are expected, 40 more than in 2018.

MAZATLÁN._ For 2019 an increase in the arrival of cruise ships is expected, registering around 130 ships that arrived between January and September, informed Alfonso Gil Díaz, Director of the Special Projects Unit of the Sectur.

During 2018 there was a registry of around 90 cruises, which speaks of an increase of 40 more cruises, but not only that, but there is also the record of an increase in the number of cruise passengers, with the arrival of ships that manage up to 5 thousand passengers.

“In June and July of this year we almost did not have ships and in 2019 we will have every week between June, July, and August until September, sometimes there were one or two, there were weeks that there were none, this coming year if there will be, this year (2019) there are 130 scheduled, this year we had 90, “he said.

The months with the most scheduled arrivals will be January and April, with 17 scheduled arrivals per month, followed by March with 15 arrivals, February with 13 arrivals, May with 6, July and September with 5 arrivals, while June and August have scheduled 4 arrivals per month.

Only on January 1, inaugurating the opening of a new year, the General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine of Mazatlan has scheduled a triple arrival, it is the Norwegian Star, Carnival Splendor and Ruby Cruises.

“Most of these boats repeat their arrival in Mazatlan, which is good, because they are boats that follow routes but also contemplate us to come and meet, some visit us once a week throughout the year,” said Gil Diaz.

“There are some who have unique arrivals but because they are ships that travel around the world, they do not have time to repeat places,” he said.

Source: noroeste

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