No joke. Mayor of Guanajuato announces ‘visa for tourists’


After the controversy and the rain of memes, this new news has also caused a stir in all of Mexico.

It is not a joke. Guanajuato will issue visas and passports. Apparently, the memes came true.

Service providers and the municipal government announced that they will launch a campaign to grant visas to tourists with which they can access various discounts during their visit to Guanajuato.

It's official, the same mayor Alejandro Navarro said everything.

The controversial statements of the mayor

After all the controversy that was created by the statements of the municipal president, Alejandro Navarro Saldaña where he said that tourists who came to Guanajuato in a past weekend did not have money to spend.

He also pointed out during the eve of Buen Fin, that they left the streets full of garbage and caused traffic chaos, so he wanted to attract another type of tourism “of greater economic benefit”.

After those words, the memes ‘exploded’ on social networks and the statements generated all kinds of comments from society and the media.

They want to get the good side

The mayor said that it should take advantage of the “boom” that was generated on the internet and the rejections by the citizens not only of Guanajuato but of the entire country.

He said that it was decided together with the service providers among them and the Directorate of Tourism and Economic Development will launch a company to issue visas to tourists.

Navarro Saldaña explained that the idea is that this visa could be sealed in museums such as Mummies, Alhóndiga, Diego Rivera, Dieguino so that hotels, restaurants and bars can make discounts on the services they offer.

“It’s a matter of taking advantage of the boom and in which Guanajuato and his server were in the eyes of the world and Mexico, this must be worked on by them and as soon as possible, let us know so we can start the promotion and invest some resources so that come more people, “said the municipal chief.

When will they be valid?

The municipal president stressed that this project would be ready for the December vacation and that it hopes to be valid throughout the year.

With the increase in the economy, he considers that robberies and insecurity will diminish, as well as the number of Guanajuato people who go to other states to look for work.

Source: el debate
The Mazatlan Post