Sinaloan is recognized by the United States government


Eduardo Cuahutémoc Guizar Sainz explained that Mexicans are expected to realize that positive “things” can be done inside and outside the country

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- The Sinaloa Cuahutémoc Guizar Eduardo Sainz, engineer and collaborator NASA was recognized by the three levels of government of the United States, for their collaboration and experience in that country; distinction for 50 years will not deliver to a Mexican, the last, the activist Cesar Chavez civil rights.

Guizar Sainz explained that now the commitment is greater, because it seeks Mexicans realize they can make positive actions inside and outside the country.

“It does not change me, I’m still the same here in my city, as in the United States in terms of my dealings with people, it does not make me that special, it only commits me more to young people, to carry that message that Mexicans here in Mexico and in the United States can do positive and great things for our communities, “he said.

Among his achievements is that he is the creator of the motors that move the wheels of the Curiosity robot on the surface of the planet Mars, a project that emerged with the construction of a robot that had the objective of supporting in emergency or disaster situations, which presented to the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), but it was rejected and then NASA when “hearing” of said project asked him to become a collaborator.

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