Mazatlan: They try to evict vendors from the Malecón


On Sunday there was a notice of eviction on the part of municipal inspectors against semi-fixed posts.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After being open one lane of the Malecón, the street vendors of Semisteady positions have sought to return to their allowed sites to sell their products in the federal zone, on the sidewalk of the Avenue Del Mar.

However, this request has not been met by the municipal authority, despite the fact that this group has requested an audience with the municipal president or the Mayor’s Office, the latter being in charge of the inspectors who come to try to remove them.

It is a problem that we have been dragging for a year and a half here and they have not taken care of us, so people with all that time without working need to get a livelihood for families. The people do not fit in the Aquarium and apart they do not pass the message and they also want to remove us from there. Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, general secretary of the Union of Sellers of the Federal Zone in Mazatlan.

This is a group of 29 sellers of handicrafts and souvenirs, who are being pressured to withdraw by the municipality, this without holding a dialogue to agree on the respect for the federal permit that empowers them as appropriate to Semarnat.

In addition to the permit before the federal agency to make commercial use of the site, these merchants are charged the tax for the use of federal zone, which covers an area of one meter wide by three meters long, also supports the merchants semi fixes located from Valentino’s, which is to make an annual payment to the City of Mazatlan.

It was Sunday when a notice of eviction was registered that inspectors of the Main Office, supported by the Ministry of Public Security, did, however, before the presence of the press, gave up on this action.

This is an incongruity because the Malecón was opened at the request of the established merchants, but the street vendors do not want to see them here, it is a total incongruity. You should not think that they disfigure the Malecón, nor that they have less rights to the established ones. We need the governor to show his face to solve the problem that the Municipality does not even know where to enter. René Castro, the legal representative of street vendors.


Ríos Rubio informed that they will file a complaint with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa) to intervene in the competence that corresponds to him as the verifying entity of the permits granted.

“The next week we are going to put a complaint in Profepa, because Semarnat authorizes us the permits, but the federal government police is Profepa and must intervene when there is a problem of these,” he warned.

Meanwhile, it was agreed on Monday to hold a meeting with the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, to have a new agreement that allows them to stay where their permits mark them, on the sidewalk of the Malecón, or that they are offered viable alternatives.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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