Not enough food for migrants in a Tijuana shelter


Honduran migrants are hungry and the food is not enough at Deportivo Benito Juárez, which is a shelter in Tijuana, Baja California.

The truth is we are hungry, the food is not adjusted, it can not cope because too many people, sometimes I have to line up with 90 people and when they arrive they tell me ‘there is no more’, “said Javier Salinas, a Honduran migrant.

“There are two foods that are given: at 9 in the morning, at 10 in the morning, sorry, and at 5 in the afternoon, are there not 3 basic foods? No … is not enough? … No, it is not enough, we are very rationed on the subject of food and we do not manage to give them 3 daily meals, “mentioned Mario Osuna, Secretary of Social Development Tijuana.

That is why migrants go out and accept the food that people bring to them.

Alejandra Maldonado, Honduran migrant: “Sometimes dinner has a schedule and children eat.”

A single slice of pizza is divided for 4 or 5 people, and some do not even reach that.

Inside the shelter, according to the authorities, about 2,400 people remain, but thousands can still arrive.

That is why we are very concerned here in the city, because we have requested the support of the Federal Government to be able to implement other actions. We have not received resources, “said Mario Osuna, secretary of Social Development Tijuana.

The migrants stayed this Saturday in the shelter and nearby streets, they did not want to go near the border fence, in Playas de Tijuana, for fear of being attacked again by neighbors.

“We were being stoned and all that, we did not want to risk going,” said Jenny Garza, a Honduran migrant.

“They go back to their land, they make pure desmadres here in Tijuana and we do not want people like that here,” said Sergio, a resident of Tijuana.

“They leave, they for 500 pesos are going to kill all the people who tell them, they are hungry,” said Bardomiano Hernández, a Tijuana merchant.

But not everyone thinks alike, there are those who approach them to give them money, food or clothes.

“I am against discrimination and everything they are talking about these people, people spit on them and shouted ‘filthy, lousy,'” said one Tijuana resident.

Some Mexicans, who crossed illegally to the United States, advise Hondurans that if they decide to cross in that way, be careful with the route.

For example, Alfonso did it 20 times on the beach and swimming.

We sometimes hoped that the tide would go down and more ahead is where Mexico divides the channel of the dirty waters, it seems like a swamp. You have to be careful there, too. You have to know how to cross it, because if not there you can sink, I wish you a piece of luck, “said Alfonso Valdivia, a Mexican citizen.

Meanwhile, the Border Patrol keeps guarding the Mexican-American border zone.

Source: Televisa.News

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