Mazatlan : Municipality will have discount in fines and surcharges in the Predial


More than half of the Mazatlecos do not pay this tax

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. In the municipality of Mazatlán there is a backlog of 62 percent of the entire cadastral portfolio, as announced by Jesús Javier Alarcón Lizárraga, municipal treasurer, this amounts to 729 million 810 thousand pesos.

The official said that in order to lower that number of debtors, it began with a discount program called El Buen Fin Extended.

This project will be implemented from November 21 and will end on December 20 this year, where Mazatlecos can take advantage of 100 percent discount in fines and surcharges, for this reason, they are extending 94 thousand invitations to regularize, for what is only being asked to carry the cadastral code.


The treasurer said that of those 62 percent of debtors some cadastral numbers are not charged, because they can be schools, federal dependencies, of the state municipal government.

Meanwhile the councilor Rodolfo Cardona, informed that when implementing this program has different purposes one of them is to give an incentive to the taxpayers, another is that the municipality receives resources to get ahead with the commitments that have at the end of years and so have better public services, such as street lighting, urban cleaning, improve municipal security.

Source: Informational Reaction

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