After Mazatlan, crimewave new sub-director of operations is named


Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- It seems that the last assaults were the straw that broke the glass in the municipal police.

The Municipal Public Security Secretary has a new Sub Operative Director when he is relieved of his position Simon Malpica Hernández. 

Angel del Valle Lizárraga, a policeman with 20 years in the corporation and who was part of the ranks of the water rescue squadron for a year and a half, enters instead.

The now sub officer Del Valle Lizárraga has a background in Law, a master’s degree in criminal sciences and is certified in control and confidence. 

Said castling was given by instructions from Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and seeking to reduce the series of incidents that occurred in previous weeks in various parts of the city. It is expected that in the following days there will be other movements in the corporation.