The origin of the Margarita cocktail


Tequila is one of the most iconic drinks of our country and the main ingredient of one of the most popular cocktails.

La Margarita is the perfect blend of tequila, orange liqueur, lemon juice, ice and salt. Although it is of Mexican origin, it is not known exactly the date in which it was invented or who created it. These are the most widespread versions:

The first version relates that in 1938 Carlos Danny Herrera, owner of the restaurant “Rancho la gloria” in Tijuana, invented the drink in honor of the showgirl and actress Marjorie King .

She visited the place frequently, but was allergic to many distillates, except tequila. Supposedly, Herrera got down to work and worked until he created a cocktail that was up to one of his favorite clients.

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Another version tells that the dancer Margarita Carmen Cansino was staying at a luxurious hotel in Tijuana. The barman of the restaurant was impressed with her beauty so she decided to create a drink exclusively for her, later this dancer would become the famous actress Rita Hayworth.

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Photo: Courtesy On the other hand, many attribute the origin of this cocktail to Margaret Sames , a high society woman who liked to innovate with delicious drinks for her guests in her home in Acapulco.

On one occasion one of his guests was Conrad Hilton, famous for being the owner of the hotel chain of the same name, and he was so fascinated with the taste of the cocktail that he asked permission to Margaret Sames to include it in the bars of its hotel chain . In this way, this drink managed to captivate national and foreign palates.

Although the origin of the Margarita is still uncertain, there is no doubt that it is a very refreshing drink for those hot days and that we can enjoy its original version or those with fruits such as strawberry, mango or passion fruit.

Written by:Paulina Salgado

Source: Gourmet de Mexico

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