Roma actress “Marina de Tavira”powerful Mexican family


The Mexican actress’s family tree is surrounded by powerful characters.

The family of the Mexican actress Marina de Tavira Servitje is surrounded by powerful characters.

The link that the nominee for best supporting actress has in the Oscar awards includes her grandfather Lorenzo Servitje, founder of Grupo Bimbo, and her uncle, Daniel Servitje, current CEO of the Mexican giant. In his family tree also appears the first director of the Prison of the Altiplano, Juan Pablo de Tavira, according to a recount made by the Magazine Class.

The maternal history of Tavira is linked to Juan Servitje Torrallardona, a Catalan who arrived in our country during 1904. He would open the El Molino pastry shop, which would remain in the hands of his son Lorenzo, who would found the company that today is worth 9,700 million dollars and it is ranked 433 on the Forbes Global 2000 list 

Servitje had seven children. One of them, María Lucila Isabel Servitje Montull, served as a teacher in theology and director of the Mexican Institute of Christian Social Doctrine.

She married Tavira Noriega a doctor in law with whom she had three children, among them, Marina de Tavira Servitje.

The father of the Mexican actress was the director who received in the high security prison inmates such as Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, Rafael Caro Quintero, Mario Aburto Martínez and Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo. After multiple death threats, the prison officer was found dead in November 2000.

Marina de Tavira debuted in the work F eliz new century doktor Freud by Sabina Berman. The playwright told an Ecuadorian newspaper that Marina’s father was killed a day before the premiere, but the actress decided to present herself. In that presentation was Luis Rosales, who today is casting director at Netflix, who called her to participate in the film Roma, directed by the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón.

Currently, Marina is the mother of a child, whose information she has preferred to keep private. According to the publication, de Tavira has not given details about his relationship with the act Rafael Sánchez Navarro, with whom he started a relationship during the assembly of the play Tomar Partido in 2012.

De Tavira competes against Amy Adams (The Vice of Power), Regina King (The Blues of Beale), Emma Stone (The Favorite) and Rachel Weisz (The Favorite). The result will be known on the night of February 24, 2019.

Source: Forbes

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