Armless American Expat Eddie Spaguetti fall in love with Mazatlan


Eddie Spaguetti is a 45-year-old man from Los Angeles, California, who was born without limbs. Since he was little he had to learn to do everything with the help of his feet, from eating or dressing to everyday things that seem impossible to do without the help of his arms.

Eddie knew that he had to go further than his “disabilities” stopped him, and one day at the church where his father was a pastor, his hyperactivity made him take some sticks and start playing, it was easy for him and I consider it as an “engine” that when turned on wants to continue and continue advancing.

Two weeks ago Eddie arrived in Mazatlan, and he has loved it, he fell in love with the food that is in the port and also its people, who have treated him incredible and who do not see in him with any type of disability, if not his greatest talent, play the drums right on the corner of the Pino Suárez market.

His sense of humor and learning to “make fun” of himself (in the good sense of the word), have been fundamental to becoming what he is today, a completely happy person doing what he likes the most.

“Disability limits the human being, opening up a new universe of possibilities” – Ítalo Violo


The Mazatlan Post