Migrant Caravan arriving in Sinaloa


Because of the crisis in Nayarit after the passage of Willa, they were supported only with transport. It is expected that in the course of the evening they will arrive at La Concha, Escuinapa Sinaloa

Hundreds of migrants, mostly Central Americans, will be arriving in the state of Sinaloa today in the evening. This according to statements by activists who closely follow the exodus of the caravan.

According to the statements of some activists who have closely followed the advance of the thousands of migrants in the caravan, the government of Nayarit provided trucks for them to continue their march because, due to the crisis caused by the recent passing of the Hurricane Willa for this state, the government is not in a position to serve the thousands of migrants.

So that they do not stay stranded in Nayarit, since they do not intend to stay in any city until they reach their destination, which is the border, they were facilitated so that they could have transportation to travel northwest towards Mexico’s border cities such as Nogales. , San Luis Río Colorado, Mexicali or Tijuana.

A large group of people was caught leaving the city in tractors and crossing the gates to this state of Sinaloa.

It is expected that the government of Sinaloa will be informed of the arrival of the hundreds of people and that there will be an action plan and measures to deal with any situation that may arise, both emergency and security, or if they will give them some support so that they can continue their march towards the border with the United States.

It should be mentioned that since thousands of migrants left their countries of origin, two caravans are already moving forward in their plan to seek asylum and refuge in the United States with the aim of ending the life of poverty and violence that they suffer. the majority of those who walk in this numerous group.

However, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has been blunt and has stated in a number of occasions that will prevent the passage to “criminals and terrorists” who hide among those who travel in the caravan. For this, it has arranged to deploy thousands of elements of the US military on the border with Mexico, in addition to groups of extremist civilians who have come to the border to “prevent the invasion” of their territory.


The Mazatlan Post