The ‘magic’ formula to quickly get rid of migrant caravans in Mexico


The migrant caravan already covers practically the entire national territory in its southeast, central and northwest, and that has set alerts in at least 5 states, whose authorities do not want to do the same as Mexico City and keep them for days in shelters. And for that they found the ideal solution to literally get rid of hundreds of Central Americans.

Under a measure that initially sells as solidarity from the governors, buses are being provided to them in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Sinaloa, and Sonora.

It is not about taking them to their final destination, which is the border with the US but to upload them to transport units and lower them where the limits of their state end. Thus, the government of Jalisco leaves them in the line that separates them from Nayarit and there they repeat the same system so as not to have to deal with them, especially since they still have the emergency of victims affected by the passage of Hurricane Willa.

The system has worked and the caravan, which at a slow pace crossed through Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City, moves at great speed after arriving in Jalisco.

NAVOJOA, SONORA, 14 NOVIEMBRE2018.- Central Americans of the Migrant Caravan continue their journey through the northern states of the country. This dawn, a group of migrants left in trucks and some trailers of Escuinapa, Sinaloa and arrived at this municipality in the south of the state after more than 12 hours of travel, where the government granted trucks to send them directly to Tijuana. They plan to get there in 20 hours. At this point known as “the cage” more migrants from Sinaloa will be arriving to continue with the same route. PHOTO: DIEGO SIMÓN SÁNCHEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

Sinaloa and Sonora are the last two sections where buses also wait for them until they reach the only border where they can no longer pass : Tijuana, Baja California, where a pressure cooker is being formed as the migrants, mostly Central Americans, know that they are not they will be able to apply the same method of slamming the gates that give access to the United States, less after the security measures taken by the Donald Trump government, with which new barricades and barbed wire were installed, in addition to installing to thousands of military elements.

On Wednesday of this week, the first protest took place in Mexico against the migrant caravan outside social networks. Neighbors of the Playas de Tijuana neighborhood demonstrated and almost came to blows with the migrants for wanting to install a camp there.

Although Tijuana is the border city of Mexico par excellence, it will hardly be able to serve the thousands of migrants who will be arriving at a speed that was not expected , thanks to the technique of the buses of the other states. And it is that no entity of the republic has the ability to react, or protocols and resources of the capital, where a macro shelter was enabled in the Sports City to receive and feed more than 5,000 migrants at its highest point, with a cost of 12 million pesos , according to data provided by the head of government of Mexico City, José Ramón Amieva.

TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, 14NOVIEMBRE2018.-A group of 343 members of the migrant caravan arrived in a border city after traveling by truck for three days from Nayarit, who left their country because of the violence and who have the purpose of asking political asylum in the United States. The migrants were supported with food in the Padre Chava breakfast room and subsequently walked approximately ten kilometers to the border wall in Playas de Tijuana. PHOTO: OMAR MARTÍNEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM
It should be noted that this million dollar figure does not imply that it is an expense with resources from the capital’s budget. At least not at all. This was confirmed by Amieva, who said that this is the total expense between the CDMX, the transition team of Claudia Sheinbaum, the mayorships, the Human Rights Commission and civil society, from which many donations and volunteers have emerged.

As expected, the problem will not be the transit of the migrant caravan throughout the national territory. The problem will be when Tijuana becomes the bottleneck of a mass exodus. The countdown with the migrants will reach zeros sooner than predicted by the formula the governors found to get rid of them.

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