Infonavit evaluates 150 thousand homes after the floods in Sinaloa


Active beneficiaries will be entitled to receive support for damage to household goods up to 30 thousand pesos.

The Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit), in Sinaloa, carries out a damage survey of homes of a total of 150,000 that currently exist in the 11 municipalities of the entity where floods have been recorded, the head of this dependence, David Penchyna Grub.

At a press conference held outside the Dorados de Sinaloa Soccer Stadium, the federal official, who was accompanied by the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Jesús Antonio Valdés Palazuelos, as well as the mayor of Culiacán, Francisco Antonio Castañeda Verduzco, reported that the beneficiaries of Infonavit may receive support for up to 30 thousand pesos for the loss of household goods.

In addition, after an evaluation conducted by personnel of this unit, the beneficiaries can also be beneficiaries of a partial credit for the repair of damages to the house caused by the torrential rains, as well as being creditors to a second credit.

The director of the Infonavit, David Penchyna Grub, said that currently there are more than 100 brigades of this agency traveling throughout the state to do the lifting of the damage, this with the support of personnel from the neighboring states of Nayarit and Durango, with the purpose to expedite the procedures and that the resources arrive as soon as possible to the families that suffered affectation in their patrimony.

Among the colonies and communities most affected in the municipality of Culiacán are: Riveras de Tamazula, Campiña, Las Quintas, Miguel Hidalgo, Los Mezcales, Loma de Rodriguera, Issstesin, Avellaneda, Cedros, Santa Fe, Valle Alto, Villas del Río , Infonavit Humaya, Aqueduct, Portalegre, La Conquista, Lilies, Santa Elena, Villa Fontana, Aguaruto and Valles del Sol, among others; as well as towns such as Costa Rica, Eldorado and Campo El Díez, among others.

Penchyna Grub reiterated that the Infonabus (rolling office) will be traveling through the affected colonies, so that people can approach directly to fill the application and submit documentation that accredits them as beneficiaries affected by these floods.

He explained that the requirements to request these supports are: official identification, proof of address, credit number (of Infonavit) and a telephone number to locate the interested party.

During his message, the mayor of Culiacán, Francisco Antonio Castañeda Verduzco, thanked the Government of the Republic for its support to respond immediately to the request for an Emergency Declaration and that, with this, resources begin to flow transversally in all the affected areas. , uniting efforts with the one that has been carried out from the state, the municipalities, the business sector and of course with the unconditional support of the Sinaloa population.

During this act were also present, the delegates of Infonavit in Sinaloa and Nayarit, María Cristina Calvo Acosta and Jeannie Carrillo Vargas, respectively, among other personalities.

The Mazatlan Post