Rural tourism brings opportunities to its people and generates profits


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The inhabitants of El Quelite live on tourism. To keep this activity, you have to “put” desire to work, because the visitor demands exquisite food, quality services, information, image, and above all, good attention, stressed the gastronomic entrepreneur Marcos Osuna.

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The established businesses give life to the people and generate direct and indirect jobs. This is achieved with work and investment to innovate in services to trap the visitor.

Rural tourism is an alternative that the municipality has, and El Quelite is a good product for Mazatlan.

Every day, the town has local, national and foreign visitors who enjoy walking the streets, riding horses, climbing the viewpoint and today even walking in calandrias.

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The formal and informal merchants that settle along the main avenue of this community, assure that the good days are Saturdays and Sundays.

This weekend there was tourism, but they lacked the buses that always come from the center and north of Sinaloa.

Some visitors arrived in their vehicles. This reverberated a bit in the sales of crafts and typical sweets. They hope to recover this Sunday.

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For the people to remain standing and as one of those that capture more tourism, it also requires the support of the authority for basic services to remain efficient, the inhabitants demand.  Marcos Osuna says that El Quelite cannot be without a Health Center and a doctor because of the influx of visitors, as an emergency could arise. 
He added that the unit is already being rehabilitated.

The Mazatlan Post.


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