Guacamole a fashionable Mexican “salsa” with a pre-Hispanic origin


Guacamole is a Mexican salsa that has existed since pre-Hispanic times. In fact, the Mexicas (Aztecs) called it “ahuacamolli” which means mole of avocado. It is a very nutritious food because it contains natural fats, iron, phosphorus, among other natural nutrients.

Guacamole, one of the favorite Mexican salsas

Guacamole is a Mexican salsa of pre-Hispanic origin. The Mexicas used to call him “ahuacamolli”. This name comes from the words ahuacatl (avocado) and molli (mole) and could be translated as mole of avocado since this fruit was the protagonist of this delicious recipe.

Before the clash of cultures that resulted from the colonial period, the ingredients to prepare ahuacamolli were avocados, tomatoes and chilies. These were crushed in molcajetes and consumed with tortillas. However, after the Conquest, the Mexican gastronomy was transformed and so was the ahuacamolli.

Other ingredients were added such as onion, garlic, salt and lemon juice. It should be noted that this change continues because, nowadays, chicharrón, mayonnaise or even seafood are also added to the different recipes of guacamole that now exist.

Despite the multiplicity of existing combinations, traditional guacamole is essential to accompany taquitos, quesadillas, toasts, chips, frito lays and other corn-based foods.

It should be noted that avocado mole, as it is also known, has multiple health benefits. This is because the avocado is a fruit rich in natural fats, minerals, fiber, proteins, iron and phosphorus. Because of this, it is great to reduce cholesterol levels, lose weight, avoid constipation and lower blood pressure.

Now imagine the benefits of avocado as you mix it with tomato, chili and other nutritious natural ingredients!

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