Refeel the first zero-waste store in Mazatlan; NOW OPEN


Zero Waste: this is the movement that seeks to banish garbage forever.

Every day, we throw about one and a half kilograms of garbage per person. That is, each year we produce more than half a ton of waste that often ends up in large garbage dumps, rotting in the sun or polluting seas and rivers.

But, what if we could lead a life producing zero waste?

A life free of bags, cardboard boxes, and plastic boats. A life free of the overabundance of packaging and packaging that inevitably end up in the bin. That’s what Zero Waste is about.

The Zero Waste movement proposes a series of very simple rules with which we can all reduce our waste products to the maximum

The Zero Waste movement (zero waste) proposes a series of very simple rules to reduce our waste production as much as possible.

Not producing waste is the new environmental trend that goes beyond simple recycling.

To join this new ecological trend, just follow some simple steps such as buying bulk vegetables and store them in glass containers instead of plastic bags or use cloth bags to carry the purchase.

Acquiring or manufacturing your biodegradable hygiene products without chemicals is also a good option, as well as replacing kitchen towels with cotton cloths or plastic bottles with refillable glass bottles.

To prevent organic products from ending up in the trash can, the best thing to do is convert them into fertilizer that can then be used in the pots.

The key is to always look for recyclable products whenever possible and reuse others to make a life without garbage become a reality.

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Refeel the first zero-waste store in Mazatlan will open this Monday, September 3rd. The new fresh way of grocery shopping will allow you to buy nearly everything in bulk and with compostable packaging. Zero Waste it’s a global movement that seeks the reduction of our carbon footprint by following 5 simple principles:





Rot (compost)

Zero waste movement is growing really fast around the globe, increasing awareness of the ecological damage that plastics are doing to our planet. Brought to you by a local couple of zero wasters this store will be the alternative option for buying local, artisan and fair trade products to your day to day needs. From grains, nuts, pasta, spices, superfoods all the way to grooming, cosmetics, cleaning supplies products, you will be able to shop only what you need, plastic-free and using your own containers.

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Refeel seeks to be a socially responsible business by contributing on the conservation of our beautiful beaches and environment, by creating awareness of the impact of our consumption habits.

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The store is located at Plaza Nautica L-103. Avenida Carlos Canseco 6052, Marina Mazatlan.
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico (669) 155 0154


Monday to Friday: 10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm,

Saturdays: 10 a 14 hrs

Sundays: As per Gods Instructions they Rest

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