There is still time to take advantage of a tax discount in Mazatlan


They can still benefit from the discount of up to 100 percent in fines.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .-  There is a 40 percent delinquency in the payment of taxes and services , said Luis Guillermo Medrano Velarde, Municipal Income Management.

The official called on citizens to take advantage of the 100 percent discounts on fines and surcharges on all contributions, as is the case of Property Tax, the Tax on the Acquisition of Real Estate and the payment of garbage collection for the commercial sector. 

The benefit expires on September 15, for the 100 percent discount; From September 16 to October 15 will apply a 50 percent discount on fines and surcharges.

Medrano stressed that there are still many people who have not come and it is time for them to regularize.

In addition, Mazatlan increasingly has more needs and want taxes to be able to hold work for the benefit of the inhabitants.

So far this year, 240 million pesos have been raised in Predial, a resource that has been used in the construction of urban infrastructure, garbage collection and maintenance of public lighting.  

It is estimated to raise at least 300 million pesos.

He added that it is not going to touch them, that they have two months left and will work intensely to achieve attacking late payments.

In the municipality, they are around 400 thousand keys and of these 40 percent are those that present delinquency. Trust that citizens take advantage of this program to regularize their payments.

On the other hand, we went to the office of the Directorate of Revenue and there is little activity. Some citizens come to learn more about the program. They also require the document to know how much they owe.

The form of payment and the means to access this program, which as in almost all years is done at the end so that the defaulters catch up, so that money enters the commune.

By: Blanca Regalado