The Quelite River grows and warning is triggered


The intense rains reported in the upper area of the municipality cause the flow to overflow.

Sinaloa.- A preventive alert is triggered due to the copious rains that were registered in the high zones of the municipality, they caused that the channel of the Quelite river grew and bordered the streets of that population.

This caused the alert to be triggered and Civil Protection personnel will monitor the situation, attentive to prepare any evacuation needs. The strong currents dragged trunks, branches and everything in their path for several hours. That made some neighbors feared for their safety and kept attentive to the growing.

However, a few hours later, the river level began to decrease.

Civil Protection personnel announced that the river no longer represented any risk to the safety of the inhabitants.

The report

Through social networks, he reported that the community of El Quelite was unaffected by the rains and the flooding of the river.

He pointed out that there had only been slight floodings in the lower area of the town, where the Monument to the Ulama is located and which forms an old ford.

The conditions of the roads will be revised, mainly those that lead to La Sábila and La Amole. If necessary, the heavy machinery will be placed to level and remove rubble that has blocked them, Civil Protection announced.