Maison Kayser brand will arrive in Sinaloa in 2024 


MAZATLAN. – The National Convention of Presidents and Executive Commission Canirac 2023, which was held in Mazatlán, left a good taste in the mouths of national investors who were visiting the port, who are already thinking of bringing new restaurants to the state. 

Germán González Bernal, current president of Canirac in Mexico, explained that the investment that exists in Sinaloa generates trust, and that favors the arrival of new brands, for example, a French restaurant, cafe and bakery branch called Maison Kayser will be installed in Culiacan in 2024. 

     “The truth is that we loved Mazatlán, but in Culiacán we already have plans, we have it in the project for 2024, first it will be Culiacán and then it will be Mazatlán, without a doubt,” said González Bernal. 

 The businessman commented during his visit to the “Pearl of the Pacific” that he fell in love with, Mazatlán, which is full of life and has gained strength and dynamism over the years. 

      “Consumption is already on the table, you just have to start bringing more supply, so that people extend their stay, go out more for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he reported. 

 He explained that during the National Convention of the President and Executive Commission of Canirac, all businessmen in the restaurant sector showed interest in investing, due to the great opportunity that the destination offers. 

One of the fruits that said Convention left in the port, was that it was announced that Mr. Pampas Do Brasil is already looking at land to bring a branch to the destination that many other important restaurants will surely come. 

About Maison Kayser 

González Bernal commented that Maison Kayser is for having breakfast, snacks, having a coffee in the afternoon, with a bakery area. 

     “We have all that part of the offer, and we also do a lot of home delivery,” he said. 

He pointed out that in Mexico City there are branches at the Benito Juárez International Airport, in Reforma, Perisur, Insurgentes, Coyoacán, Plaza Delta, Arcos Bosques, Madero and Virreyes, so the arrival in Sinaloa means an important expansion for them, because it is an area in which they have no presence. 

Source: Punto