International stars will illuminate the Mazatlan Carnival


Mazatlan.- World-class artists such as Pepe Aguilar, J Balvin, Danna Paola, Carlos Rivera, among others, and great surprises is part of what will be experienced at the Mazatlan International Carnival 2020 “We are all America, Passion, Joy and Hope ”

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, Mayor of Mazatlan, accompanied by José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, Office Manager of the General Directorate of the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan, led the event where minors were revealed for this great celebration, also It was revealed the artists who will design the majestic allegorical cars, the carnival figures, as well as those who will make the royal costumes.

Remmy Valenzuela will be in charge to liven up the party that will have the King of Carnival in the Cities Sister Park next Thursday, February 20, starting with this contest the maximum party of Mazatlan.

Pepe Aguilar and a great musical cast will give a master concert on Friday, February 21 at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium.

The duet formed by Carlos Rivera and Yuri will be the artists who will sing in the coronation of the winner of the Carnival Queen’s crown next Saturday, February 22 at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium.

The music and energy of J Balvin will take over the stage in the coronation of the winner of the throne to Queen Infantil.

Banda Los Recoditos will be on Monday the 24th in the Sister Cities Park; In the area of ​​Olas Altas the presence of artists like Danna Paola is expected on Tuesday, February 25, both will be free.

Tostado Quevedo revealed that the prices of tickets for seats in the Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze areas for the coronation of the Queen of Floral Games and the Carnival Queen will be between 900 and 2 thousand 100 pesos; while in the coronation of the Infantile Queen the one with the lowest price will be one thousand 100 and the maximum two thousand 600 pesos, they will be on sale in different places as of Friday, December 6 and there will be promotions for those who like to pay with credit cards. credit.

There will also be delivery of free tickets to the bleachers area with a tentative figure of 18 thousand for each coronation, with mechanics and delivery days will be in January the date is yet to be defined.

In the 2020 edition, the floats will be created by renowned designers Ocean Rodríguez, Anas Lewis Legado, Jorge Osuna, Kreatos, Carlos Lewis and José Guzmán.

The creation of the different carnival figures that will be placed along the tourist corridor of the Port and in main avenues, falls to the hands of Jorge González Neri.

The prestigious dressmaker Sodelva Ríos will have the honor of making royal outfits for who is elected as Her Great Majesty Queen of the Carnival as well as her princesses, and who achieves the crown of the Infant Queen.

The designer Édgar Ponce repeats as creator of the royal attire for Her Great Majesty Queen of The Floral Games and her princesses.

To fill the manly courtship with colors, Luis Antonio Ríos “Momo” will make who is elected King of the Carnival and his royalty.

Esteban Ortiz will be the Costume Designer for all the official events of the 2020 edition that will undoubtedly mark an important memory for Mazatlan.

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