US businessmen are invited to invest in the tourism sector of Sinaloa


Javier Gaxiola Coppel, Secretary of Economy of the state, affirms that with the North American investment they also seek to diversify the tourist offer

Mazatlán, Sin.- The state government, through the Ministry of Economy, is inviting North American businessmen from border states such as California, Arizona and Texas, to invest in Sinaloa in the tourism sector, which would diversify the offer in the entity .

Javier Gaxiola Coppel, head of the agency, said that due to the proximity of these states through the air connection, they are looking for more investors from the neighboring country, which would increase business and they would also become ambassadors to attract more visitors, and more routes.

“To give diversity to the market that is coming to Mazatlán, we also want to have American companies as investors here, starting from Mazatlán and other parts of the state.”

The state official commented that the investment they are looking for to land in Sinaloa is in the tourism sector, however, American businessmen who are familiar with the entity have shown interest in other sectors, especially manufacturing.

“But today’s topic is the tourism sector to have investment, diversity of investors, in this case Americans in the port of Mazatlan so that they begin to invest in the tourism sector and thus also attract more American tourists,” he said.

Gaxiola Coppel also spoke about the new routes that are about to start next July, which will add to those already established in cities such as Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles and which are also planning to increase the number of connections.

Interviewed after his participation in a forum held within the CANIRAC National Convention that is based in Mazatlán, he assured that Sinaloa has strengthened in terms of trust and investment.

“It is important to see that the increase in routes goes hand in hand with the attractiveness of the market; Sinaloa is growing in investment, in consumption, in confidence, so more routes are beginning to be generated,” he commented.

Source: Linea Directa