From Durango to Mazatlán, the gorditas rellenas of ‘Lolita’ are the most famous


MAZATLÁN.- Stuffed gorditas are those classic Mexican appetizers that we all love and if they are Durango style, even better. Today, we took on the task of looking for Mrs. Dolores, better known as “Lolita”, who according to many citizens, her stuffed gorditas business is the best place in the entire port to taste them.

And how can they not be everyone’s favorites if Mrs. Lola is originally from the town of Corral de Piedra, located in the very heart of Durango, one of the places where this dish is consumed daily.

She tells that the origin of “la gordita” was in order to protect the stew that peasant women gave to their husbands to be consumed at break time, and being passionate about cooking she decided to learn how to prepare this typical dish that make happy to whoever tries it.

Lolita arrived in Mazatlán more than 20 years ago, with the aim of supporting her son with medical treatment, and along the way she saw the opportunity to open a small kitchen adapted to prepare and sell the famous stuffed gorditas.

She says that at the beginning it was a different preparation to which the locals were not used, but fortunately the flavor was gladly accepted, making even the most demanding palate fall in love.

“I was always passionate about cooking and I like to prepare my gorditas, I have been doing them for 23 years now and people still like them”.

If we talk about flavors, do not think that you will find exotic combinations, here the best are the traditional stews such as shredded meat, ground beef, machaca, nopales, potatoes with meat, cottage cheese, rajas with cheese and of course chicharrón, the most requested stew.

Its preparation is very easy, so hot you should put a shrouded sauce and a little bit of tanned onion, but if you prefer it without anything, they are delicious by themselves.

Señora Lolita’s Durango-style stuffed gorditas are located on the corner of Avenida Jabalíes and Calle Marco Antonio Arroyos. It is very easy to find the place, right there you will see people waiting for their order.

Its opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Source: Punto