Las Labradas is one step away from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site


This distinction is granted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO to any space that has exceptional cultural or natural importance for the common heritage of humanity.

MAZATLAN. – The Archaeological Zone of Las Labradas is one step away from becoming a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, it would be the first in Sinaloa with such an international distinction, as reported the National Institute of Anthropology and History, INAH.

The INAH delegate, Servando Rojo Quintero, mentioned that they are already working on the file that will allow the appointment to be made, as a team with the Ministry of Tourism, the municipal authorities of San Ignacio and the Private Initiative.

“The purpose of the meeting was to continue with the work of preparing the documentation that allows transmitting the relevance and value of the Las Labradas area, as a unique place in Mexico and in the world,” it was reported in a statement.

For the appointment of World Heritage, a process that goes through at least three phases must be met as requirements, the first, according to the INAH delegate, has already been delivered, what follows are supervision visits and reviews.

Rojo Quintero pointed out that the importance of the activity carried out by the city council, the State Government, the INAH as an institution in the scientific part, and the other participants to achieve the declaration.

Among its benefits, UNESCO points out that the mentioned sites can obtain financing for their conservation from the World Heritage Conservation Fund; the first in Mexico was the Historic Center of Mexico and Xochimilco, in 1987. Currently there are around 31 sites with this name in the country.

In the world there are more than 1,200 sites with this title, divided into cultural assets, natural assets and mixed assets.

Las Labradas is a site of rock carvings, considered a treasure of art in Sinaloa, located on the beaches of San Ignacio, within the Protected Natural Area of the Cacáxtla Plateau. This site is different from all of them, not only because it is located on the beach, but also because it treasures more than 700 rock carvings made on volcanic rocks with motifs of plants, flowers, animals and geometric figures, which the sea has not damaged.

Source: Punto