Promotion of Mazatlán in the Bajío area


The Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies, Tour Operators and the Secretary of Tourism carry out these activities on opportune dates to sell and promote the holiday seasons in advance

Prior to the summer vacation season, the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies, Tour Operators and the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa promote Mazatlán in the cities of Querétaro, Morelia and León.

Through a “shrimp farm” organized and coordinated by the Naturleón company, with a presence in the indicated sites and developer of sales in vacation packages for Mazatlán, attendees were invited to promote and attract tourism to the Pearl of the Pacific, to come to enjoy the benefits that are offered in the city.

The purpose of these events is to position Mazatlan through its gastronomy, known internationally as the “shrimp capital”, for which they were offered a tasting with the presentation of dishes prepared based on crustaceans, which was liked by all. the attendees, who savored its exquisite flavor, was reported in a press release.

In addition, the Sinaloan delegation offered them a sample of what the International Carnival of Mazatlán is, with the presence of the Queen of the Floral Games 2023, Uma Ramírez; the Queen of the Floral Games 2018, Sofía Briseño and the Príncipe Real 2023, Antonio Zazueta, dressing the party with music from a Sinaloan band.

The director of promotion and marketing of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, Edna Gutiérrez, welcomed the attendees in each of the places they attended.

For the Sinaloa SECTUR, the Director of Tourism Promotion, Ana Trewartha, attended, who pointed out that the promotion and dissemination that is generated allows the visibility of Mazatlan in this area, giving the opportunity to generate demand for possible air routes and not only land.

“These events are recognized by the tourism sector, such as hotels, travel agencies and restaurants, throughout the Bajío area, which are the main markets with clients with high purchasing power,” she assured.

Source: EL Sol de Mazatlan