More suspensions of works are coming due to irregularities in Mazatlán; DRO will be sanctioned: Mayor


Édgar González Zataráin mentioned that there are constructions with the permits in order, but during the works they do not prevent risk situations for which they are sanctioned and closed

Mazatlán, Sin.- Not only have two constructions been caught with irregularities in carrying out their work and they were closed, the municipal president, Édgar González Zataráin, assured that other works will also be suspended for these reasons in the coming days.

Faced with this problem, he announced that the Mazatlán City Council will sanction the Directors Responsible for Works (DRO) who are not fulfilling their duties, as was evidenced this Wednesday when two large condominium towers under construction were closed, due to works that were carrying out and that represented a risk to the population.

He recognized that this type of problem is not the direct responsibility of the investor(s), but of those who are in charge of the work, who will be sanctioned.

“There are many closed works and others in the process of being closed, but they have to correct that. I understand that on many occasions it is not the owners who give an indication to do that, but the workers themselves, the DROs, that is where we have to be very tough. They are not complying and for that reason we were talking about sanctions against the DROs”.

The mayor mentioned that this Thursday the construction that is located on Del Mar avenue was able to continue its work, after paying the corresponding economic sanction, while the second, which is located on Camarón Sábalo avenue, foresees that this same week resolve the fine to continue with the building.

González Zataráin said he did not know how many DROs are registered with the city council, but he insisted that it is not possible that the progress of the works is not reviewed or that they do not prevent risk situations.

“It is not possible that they are not reviewing, supervising the work. The one on Del Mar Avenue has all the permits in order, they had no problem with that; it was only the maneuvers that had to be coordinated. There they were sanctioned for this operation, and they already promised not to carry out these maneuvers without prior notice to the authorities for the closure (of the road)”.

Source; Linea Directa