Mazatlán receives tourists all year round, not just on vacation: Canirac


During Holy Week, the economic benefit in the restaurant sector was 20 percent higher than last year.

MAZATLAN. – Mazatlán has become a tourist port of great importance among national and foreign tourists, constantly registering a hotel occupancy between 70 and 80 percent, even when it is not a vacation period.

Erick Mandujano Caro, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry, Mazatlan delegation (CANIRAC) pointed out that the port no longer receives tourists only during vacation periods, but now it is throughout the year, giving more openness to tourists to decide on which dates to come.

This was mentioned because several users shared on social networks that Easter 2023 had a lower influx compared to 2022.

“What makes that perception feel is that we had a Carnival that broke records in attendance, in economical spills, we had a super weekend that also broke records. The ease that people now have to visit Mazatlán that does not need to be a vacation period; At the end of the day, a balance is made, and we are very sure that at the end of the year the balance of economic benefits will be positive”.

He explained that the mobility of citizens is also changing, which could be one more reason for the perception that there were fewer tourists. And although there was a low influx in some restaurants, the economic benefit was 20 percent higher than last year, reaching 1.2 billion pesos.

“People are changing their way of mobility, instead of 4 people coming and each one bringing their car, today they come together.”

In May, tourist destinations such as Mazatlán are preparing for the next four long weekends, May 1, for Labor Day; that of May 5, for the Battle of Puebla; May 10, for Mother’s Day and May 15 for Teacher’s Day.

Motorcycle week

For this Easter Week, CANIRAC expects a full house in restaurants due to the arrival of bikers who come to Mazatlán in search of celebrating Motorcycle Week, a unique event that brings together hundreds of motorcyclists. And although he did not specify figures, its president stressed that the expectations are very good.