They announce a “strong hand” against motorcyclists who commit excesses


MAZATLÁN.- The engines are heard in the tourist areas of Mazatlán, the venues are already installed for the 2023 International Motorcycle Week to officially begin, with the arrival of about 20,000 motorcyclists.

Before that, the authority said loud and clear that violations of the Traffic Law, or any type of excess, will not be allowed.

“Welcome motorcyclists from all parts of the Republic and abroad, Mazatlán welcomes you, the authority asks you to enjoy the port with caution and respect for traffic rules,” said Mayor Edgar González.

“We are not going to allow excesses, we are going to be very harsh in that sense, we are going to apply the law, one thing is that they come to Mazatlán and have this event and another thing is that they are doing excesses,” he asserted.

He said that bikers will not be allowed to invade sidewalks or the boardwalk, to drive at excessive speed or without a safety helmet, since that puts order in the city and the physical integrity of visitors at risk, he assured that the law will be applied without exception as these measures are requested by the organizers of the event.

On the first day of activities of the International Motorcycle Week, Mayor Edgar González made a general tour of the event venue accompanied by its organizers and their work team.

On the rear esplanade of the Convention Center, where the Biker Forum has been installed, the mayor visited some stands, the official store, observed the pavilion and the facilities arranged so that all motorcyclists who have arrived at the port can enjoy this already traditional event safely.

The activities of the International Mazatlan Motorcycle Week 2023 take place in the port from April 12 to 16 and include concerts, tours of the city, regional tours, competitions and the great motorcycle parade along the coastal walk.