Another chance! They will regularize chocolate cars until June


You can schedule your appointment at; those foreign vehicles that are not regularized must leave circulation

MAZATLAN. – If you bought a car abroad, but have not yet regularized it, this is your opportunity. This Monday, April 10, the third extension of the decree for the regularization of vehicles of foreign origin in Sinaloa began, a process that will be maintained until June.

Let’s remember that the deadline to regularize your car was March 31, 2023, but the federal government decided to extend it so that all citizens could carry out the process without exceptions.

“Indeed, today the regularization period for foreign vehicles restarts and the vehicles that must be regularized are those that entered the country before October 19, 2021, and whose VIN number begins with numbers,” confirmed the head of the State Tax Administration Service of Sinaloa (SATES), Ismael Bello Esquivel.

As of March 12, 2023, a total of 65,602 chocolate cars have been regularized in Sinaloa, a figure that left 164 million pesos in the state that were invested in public works such as patching and resurfacing of roads.

“The modules are the same where they had been working, there are enough appointments, there is no line right now in the regularization process and it will be valid until June 30 of this year,” he explained.

Appointments for the new stage of regularization will be available from Monday, April 10. The only official page to schedule appointments is

Authorities maintain that, for security reasons, those foreign vehicles that are not regularized must be removed from circulation.