In Mazatlán, the Logistics Hub of the Pacific that connects Mexico with the world


The MLC takes advantage of the privileged location of the port and its growing foreign trade activity, and will offer a Strategic Bonded Warehouse in 2024

MAZATLÁN. – To take advantage of the privileged geographical location of the port, which is consolidated as a pole of attraction for investment, as the logistics epicenter of the Pacific, the Mazatlan Logistics Center was born.

The project meets the conditions to make Mazatlán the Logistics Hub of the Pacific, which connects Mexico with the World by road, sea, air, and rail.

And these conditions are strengthened with the approval, a few weeks ago by the National Customs Agency of Mexico, ANAM, for the MLC to set up and manage a Strategic Fiscalized Warehouse.

With this new attribution, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo ARHE, Maestro Juan José Arellano Hernández; The general director of Grupo ARHE, Óliver Tirado Sánchez, and managers of the different business units of the group, took a training course to find greater areas of opportunity with the RFE, taught by the company Trex Consulting from Queretaro.

Víctor Humarán Castellanos, director of the MLC, explained that the objective of this course was to expose the legal framework that regulates the authorization of the regime called Strategic Fiscalized Precinct, as well as to transmit the obligations and benefits that the regime contemplates.

“The workshop was to see, understand what a Strategic Bonded Warehouse is, how it is managed, operated and what the business model is,” he explained.

During the course, the participants learned how to request authorization, operability, as well as compliance with the obligations and benefits contemplated by the regime.

“What the law asks of you is that you are constantly reporting your operations and it has to do with the security cameras,” he said, “all of this has to be connected in real time with the Mazatlan Customs so that they can see the operations that you are doing, and they can supervise them”.

In addition to Arellano Hernández and Tirado Sánchez, the directors of Grupo ARHE’s business units, such as CL Capital, GIA, UPC, Álamo, Hoteles Inn de México, Coseco, Colegio SAM and La Bichola, took the training.

According to ANAM, a Strategic Fiscalized Precinct is a property located within the constituency of any customs office, owned by an individual, which is enabled for the introduction of goods under the customs regime called strategic fiscalized precinct.

This regime allows the introduction of foreign, national, or nationalized merchandise for a limited time to be subject to handling, storage, custody, exhibition, sale, distribution, preparation, transformation or repair and courier service.