Zero tolerance on motorcyclists who do not respect the Mobility Law


Public Security and Transit announced that there will be ‘zero tolerance’ for those who do not comply with the indications of the Mobility Law during Motorcycle Week

MAZATLAN. – A few days befor the start of one more edition of the Motorcycle Week in Mazatlán, the municipal authorities mentioned that there will be no tolerance for people who go too far, so if you like motorcycles and you will be riding you should always use the safety helmet, let alone drinking beer on top of the units.

Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, Municipal Public Security Secretary, stated that within the security scheme that will be implemented this week, the operation will be reinforced to prevent unfortunate events from occurring like other years and provide peace of mind to all attendees.

Barrón Valdez warned all motorcyclists that they must comply 100 percent with the Mobility Law, such as complying with the speed limit established at each point in the port, wearing a helmet, not exceeding the number of people on top of the motorcycle and, above all, respect the road signs.

He commented that it will be from Wednesday when the security operation will start, in which all the routes will be increased and the presence of elements at the points where cases of motorcyclists speeding or consuming alcoholic drinks can occur.

On the other hand, the deputy director of Municipal Traffic, Juan Sergio Camacho Torres, was clear when he mentioned that “zero tolerance” will be applied against motorcyclists who do not wear a safety helmet, as well as those who do stunts on public roads. Camacho Torres mentioned that they still do not have the time for the motorcycle parade next Saturday, likewise he stressed that he will not have a fixed inspection point in the city, but that they will be taking care of the units and will provide support where there is congestion, but they are not going