This is going to take Mazatlán to another level, says the president of AMPI. What do he mean?


Ismael Tirado Robles recognized that, in the city, vacation housing is increasing, as is the industrial sector in the northern part; but social housing is falling behind for various reasons

Mazatlan, Sin. – Mazatlán is growing significantly in industrial matters with the arrival of international companies, as well as the construction of vacation rental condominiums that seeks to respond to the demand that the tourism sector is having.

However, it still needs to be developed in terms of social housing, considered the president of the local Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, Ismael Tirado Robles, who said that there are several aspects that will allow it to reach another level of development.

He clarified that this problem is not exclusive to this city, however, he recognized the notoriety that condominium buildings have not only in tourist areas, but also in different neighborhoods where more businessmen or individuals are joining the tourism sector that continues booming.

He mentioned that authorities and economic sectors must be careful because there is still a lack of services and attend to the drainage networks, drinking water so that the growth that is being seen does not stop.

“All this is going to take Mazatlán to another level. It’s growing, but I feel like we’re at a mid to early growth point. We still have a lot to grow. We have to take care that, if there is a balance point for the same developers so that they can continue developing, the government continues to give support such as Ceprofies, and also supporting the issue of services”.

The leader of AMPI Mazatlán, said that at the national level the Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry, CANADEVI, is looking with the corresponding authorities for mechanisms that allow the states and municipalities to meet the demand for social interest housing, for the workers.

“Land prices have increased and so construction costs. To be able to have a housing price for INFONAVIT or FOVISSSTE workers is difficult. Work is underway, proposals are being made to present them with options on how to make it possible. and the CANADEVI is on it. There is construction of social housing, but the demand is greater. It is not a problem of Mazatlán only. It’s a national problem.”

Ismael Tirado warned that the authorities must be careful to achieve a balance in the tourism market, in housing, and in the production or industrial sector.

Source: Linea Directa