Sinaloa heats up! The heat will continue to leave its mark during the next week


However, another new cold front could cause temperatures to drop by several degrees at their maximum. How will the minimums be?

Sinaloa.- How are you doing with the cold dawns? Sinaloa continues with unstable weather that makes us seek “warmth” early, but at noon requires us to turn on fans and even air conditioners.

In recent days, the entity has stood out as one of the warmest and it is “the oven of Mexico”, the municipality of Choix with 37.2 degrees on Saturday and 37 on Sunday.

This “hot” pulse at noon will continue for at least the next three days, until next Wednesday, when a new cold front is expected to enter through the northwest of the country, causing the maximum temperatures to drop slightly.

In its extended forecast advisory, the National Meteorological Service reported that as of Wednesday, another new cold front (49 possible of 51 forecast) will enter the northwest of the national territory, interact with the polar stream causing strong breezes of wind, drop in temperatures and isolated rains in areas of Baja California and Sonora.

If the conditions do not change and the forecast is maintained for the next four days, the inhabitants of Sinaloa could expect maximum temperatures between 32 and 38 degrees at their maximum, and minimums of 14 to 15 with mornings that are cooler than cold.

Weather forecast for the following week in Sinaloa

If you have activities to do outdoors, such as vacations, trips to the different tourist destinations of the entity, or you want to get “in tune” with your home and clean everything, check how the forecast comes and take precautions.

The heat will continue to leave its mark for the next weekend

-Monday April 10: temperatures from 15 to 37 degrees, winds from 12 to 31 kilometers per hour on average and high solar radiation of up to 10 points. Cloudy intervals with no chance of rain.

-Tuesday 11: Probably the hottest noon of the week with up to 38 degrees, minimum temperatures of 14, gusty winds from 18 to 43 km/h on average and extreme solar radiation of up to 11 points.

-Wednesday 12: Temperatures from 14 to 36 degrees, clear skies and winds from 15 to 36 kilometers per hour average.

-Thursday 13: Temperatures from 15 to 33 degrees, skies with cloudy intervals and gusty winds of up to 32 km/h average.

-Friday the 14th: Skies with cloudy intervals, perhaps the least warm noon with a maximum of 32 degrees; minimum temperatures of 15 and gusty winds of up to 34 km/h.

-Saturday 15: Temperatures from 15 to 34 degrees with clear skies and winds from 13 to 33 kilometers per hour.

-Sunday 16: Clear skies, winds from 16 to 40 kilometers per hour and temperatures that may be between 14 and 37 degrees Celsius.

Source: Linea Directa