At least three days of light to moderate rainfall are coming this week


They will tend to be light this January 30 and to intensify on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service. Take precautions!

Sinaloa.– Not only this Monday, but at least three more days with rain that will range from light to moderate. According to the climate agency, the entity will continue to receive moisture from the Pacific, in addition to the first signs of the cold front 29 and a cold core vortex that is approaching the Mexican northwest and could give rise to the fifth winter storm of the season.

North Pacific: Cloudy skies with rain in Sonora and possible isolated rains in Sinaloa. Cool to cold environment in the morning, as well as icy in mountainous areas of Sonora. Cool to warm during the afternoon. Southwest wind from 25 to 35 km/h with gusts of 60 to 80 km/h and possible dust storms in Sonora, indicates the SMN in its 12-hour forecast notice.

This Monday, January 30, light to moderate rainfall of 0.1 to 5 millimeters is expected in the state, in municipalities in the northern, central-northern and central areas; In addition, gusty winds could be activated in ranges of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour.

But be careful, since around Tuesday the 31st, these conditions could intensify, going from rains of up to 10 millimeters that would lead to a rainy start to February with up to 90 percent probability and rainfall of up to 23 millimeters if the forecast holds.

Also, pay attention, since after this period the temperatures could drop to 8 degrees on average, which could be around Thursday, February 2, between one and two degrees below average depending on the area.

Forecast of isolated rains of 0.1 to 5 mm scheduled for this Monday, January 30 by the National Meteorological Service: Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, San Luis Potosí, Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatán, and Quintana Roo.

For the moment, this Monday begins with temperatures of 9 degrees the minimum in Guasave, El Carrizo, Angostura and Navolato; 10 in Los Mochis and Guamúchil; 11 degrees in Culiacán, 12 in El Fuerte and Sinaloa municipality; 12 in Choix, 14 in Badiraguato and 16 in Mazatlán.

Culiacán: Minimum temperatures of 12 degrees, with a forecast of 32 at noon; gusty winds from 13 to 27 kilometers per hour and cloudy intervals in the morning and afterwards, dense with possible scattered rains.

Mazatlán: A day with cloudy intervals, with no probability of rain, minimum temperatures of 16 and maximum forecast of 25. Gusty winds from 21 to 34 kilometers per hour.

Ahome: Cloudy intervals in the morning and in the afternoon dense with probability of scattered rains; winds of 11 to 26 kilometers per hour, minimum temperatures of 10 to 12 degrees and maximum of 26.

Guasave: Minimum temperatures of 9 to 10 degrees and maximum forecast of 28; gusty winds from 10 to 21 kilometers per hour, cloudy intervals during the morning and dense after noon with possible isolated rains.

Source: Linea Directa