Attack against businessman puts Mazatlan on alert: Coparmex


The president of the organization called on the authorities of the three levels to guarantee the rule of law

The shooting attack against a fishing businessman in Mazatlán last Wednesday, where three Canadian tourists were injured, puts the city on alert, said Fernando Valdez Solano.

The president of COPARMEX in Mazatlán stated that it is urgent that the rule of law be guaranteed, since with an event of this type there is a latent risk that both the United States and Canada issue a travel alert against the destination.

“It is a latent risk, Canada has just removed it, the governor and the Ministry of Tourism have to have direct communication with the United States authorities, especially Canada,” he said.

Valdez Solano called on the authorities of the three levels of government to work on what corresponds to them, because things do not fix themselves.

“We have to have the rule of law, everyone has to do their job, we cannot think that things will fix themselves, if the authority does not exercise his authority, there is no punishment,” he said.

He indicated that it is unfortunate that business robberies in Mazatlán are no longer reported due to the lack of trust in the authorities, even on highways there is a break with the rule of law, by finding clandestine shortcuts to avoid toll booths.

The president of COPARMEX warned that after these violent acts there is a risk that the United States will issue travel alerts to Mazatlán, due to insecurity.

“It is a latent risk to re-enter a list like that. Even Canada has just removed a broadcast of this nature, so it would be very sad if it happened again,” he concluded.

Last Wednesday in a restaurant located on Rafael Buelna avenue, a few meters from the tourist area of Mazatlán, a Mazatlan fishing businessman was attacked.

In the event, three Canadian tourists who were in the food establishment were injured, who were treated at a city hospital.

Source: Punto MX