Garbage containers place on the beaches of Mazatlán


The Operadora de Playas installed this Thursday the containers for the disposal of waste generated during Holy Week

Mazatlán, Sin.- In order to keep the beaches of Mazatlán clean during the Easter holiday period, the Operadora y Administradora de Playas placed garbage containers throughout the coastal bay.

The director of OAP, Luis Fernando Ortiz Genis, assured that there are a total of 51 drums, which are labeled for the separation of non-reusable organic, inorganic and inorganic waste, which were placed at different points along the coastal walk, from Olas Altas to Cerritos.

“We are installing 51 new garbage cans along the beach, from Cerritos to Olas Altas, the idea is to reinforce them with the containers, so that all visitors deposit their garbage there,” he said.

Likewise, he informed that within the Easter Week operation, the call to citizens is to respect the Anti-Tobacco Law, which prohibits smoking in public spaces, including beaches, this law will be reinforced.

Ortiz Genis recalled that it is forbidden to bring material such as glass to the beach, as well as making bonfires or lighting barbecues, since coal is a high pollutant, but also a dangerous material that in an accident could cause severe burns.

“The call from the Beach Operator is for us to keep the beaches clean, follow the recommendations of the assistants and lifeguards, pay attention to the little ones who accompany us and please remember that this year smoking is already prohibited in the beaches”, he said.

In this way, he invited Mazatlecos and tourists to make responsible use of the beaches and avoid contamination, extending the invitation to collect the waste generated during their stay, thus collaborating with the care of the environment.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan